Why HOA Construction Management Services Matter

What is Construction Management?

Lloyd's Construction & Consulting LLC defines Construction Management as a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.  

Our highly trained and experienced staff is here to ensure that the "headaches" that can come with any project are handled with ease. 

How can Lloyd's Construction HOA Construction Management Services benefit your Home Owners Association?

Every Home Owners Association has different needs, big and small we are here for you.  These Construction Management Services offered by Lloyd's Construction can benefit your HOA in the following ways:


  • Increase clarity and communication to all members of your community
  • Ensure Rules and Regulations are enforced and followed by all parties involved 
  • Vendor Management, we help make sure you have quality workmanship at a good price
  • Facilitate job site safety and cleanliness standards for all residents
  • Help the Association with Long Term Financial Planning for current and future construction needs
  • Arrange payment schedules and contracts between HOA and Subcontractors
  • If needed, bring legal expertise

The list goes on and on.  From the beginning of the project, we handle the bidding process with you in mind.  Our rule of thumb is to have three bids on each portion of your project, not only to ensure a good price, but to eliminate the favoritism that can often develop with Vendors.  We are looking out for the best interest of the Association, by letting you know when problems arise. We keep clear and concise logs on job progress and any change order work that may need approvals as the job progresses. We attend Association meetings to keep Board and Community Members up to speed on the project as well as answer any questions. 

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with your association on all construction needs.

For More Information 
For more information please contact our office directly at 904-683-4468, we would be happy to discuss your next project.